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Are you confused about nutrition and exercise?

Would you like to know how to treat symptoms naturally and to maximize your health with nutritional and lifestyle guidance that is designed specifically for you?

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I provide Qi Balance Constitution Diagnosis because this information changed my life!

I was tired all the time, my digestion was erratic, I had constant joint pain, insomnia and I just couldn't lose any weight.  Researching online I found so much opposing information that I couldn't sort out what was valuable even with knowledge and degrees in biochemistry and acupuncture.  I tried everything but no matter what I did nothing changed.

Following the Qi Balance recommendations for just a week improved my energy dramatically.  Over time, every health issue improved.  My acupuncture clients, who have experienced constitution analysis over the past 15 years, have had similar dramatic results.

What would it feel like to be really healthy?

Imagine yourself becoming absolutely clear about what foods, exercise and stress reduction techniques are right for you.  Finally you can be at ease with your body.  You too can have the astounding results that my clients have had by learning exactly what it is you need to balance your constitution and to live a happy, healthy life, full of energy and vitality.  Additionally, knowing exactly which foods and exercise are best for you will reduce the need for supplements and can even reduce or eliminate medications which will also save you money.

What you will receive.

We provide a nutritional and lifestyle program that is personalized, designed specifically for you as an individual, so that you experience results, which are tremendously more beneficial than with programs designed to suit everyone. 

The entire cost for both the analysis and personal support to get you started is $250.  Just click on the link to fill out the evaluation form and pay online. Or print out the form and pay by check.  Click here to order a Qi Balance Constitution Diagnosis.

“Doctors tend to prescribe different medications for every ailment but seldom go to the source of where the problem is coming from. Now that I’ve discovered what foods agree with my body and which ones do not, I feel like a totally different person.”
—Christina Trimble