The Qi Balance Approach

Everyone is born with inherent strengths and weaknesses. By identifying your Sasang Constitution, we are able to determine your particular balance of strength and weaknesses and to recommend exactly which foods, herbs and supplements are beneficial for you and which are harmful.

The diet, exercise and lifestyle recommendations you receive will eliminate or reduce your symptoms as naturally as possible, restore your health and maximize your vitality and your resistance to disease.

The Qi Balance Approach
Tracy Stewart

ABOUT Tracy Stewart

Tracy Stewart received her BA in Biochemistry from UC Berkeley and worked in research and development for twenty years, focusing on the areas of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. She obtained her Acupuncture Degree in 1989 in England studying with the late Professor J.R. Worsley, a world-renowned healer and the leading proponent of Five Element Acupuncture. She continued her education with Professor Niki Bilton, Dean of Ongiara College, Ontario, Canada.

In 2007 Tracy felt tired all the time, her digestion was erratic, and she suffered with constant joint pain, insomnia and was unable to lose any weight.  Researching for a remedy online she found so much opposing information that it was difficult to sort out what was valuable, even with a background in biochemistry and acupuncture.  She tried many diets and remedies, but no matter what she did nothing changed until she discovered Sasang. Following the dietary recommendations for her constitution, for just a week, improved her energy dramatically.  Over time, every health issue improved.

Since that time she has researched and taken classes with a number of Sasang teachers, including Peter Eckman, MD, PhD. She has also studied Chinese Astrology as a tool for diagnosing constitution from several teachers including the late Richard Teh-Fu Tan, OM.D. In other areas of the use of Chinese astrology, she has attended lectures given by the late Liu Ming of Da Yuan Circle and uses astrology for determining the time of Antique and Horary points in acupuncture. Most recently, she has been deepening her study of the Bazi (Chinese Astrology) by following Marlyna Los.

Tracy practiced Five Element Acupuncture for over 20 years and for the last 10 years has provided Qi Balance Constitution Diagnosis for clients worldwide.  She has seen many patients completely turn their health around by following the guidelines for nutrition, exercise and meditation recommended to them from their Qi Balance analysis.

“My desire is two-fold; to present the Korean system of Constitutional Medicine, called Sasang, to the West and to provide personal, practical medical information so that individuals feel empowered with natural cures and remedies to heal and protect their health.” – Tracy Stewart


When I was first referred to Tracy I couldn’t imagine how a practitioner in California could help someone living in Massachusetts. But between using her cookbook, Cool Foods, and following her so-yang recommendations, I lost weight, reduced inflammation, stabilized my blood pressure and felt so much better over all.

But I had other serious health problems that still needed to be addressed. On and off over the next 5 years I consulted with Tracy, who helped me find the perfect acupuncturist near me. She taught me the necessity of how and why I needed to use my medications in a regulated way. And she worked side by side with my functional nutritionist to fine-tune my diet and supplements when I was diagnosed with genetic mutations, MTHFR, MCAS and POTS. Tracy is extremely resourceful and I am grateful for her knowledge and her love for and devotion to health and wellness. She has been a godsend.

Linda Bowen, Medical Records Administrator

I am so grateful to have found a natural way to improve my health. The Sasang Constitution Analysis really resonated with me from the start. It seemed much more personalized and made more sense than anything I’ve tried in the past. Knowing what foods and exercise will keep my body in balance has been key.

Since following the recommendations I have noticed a significant reduction in my migraines. Overall, I simply feel better, have more energy and mental clarity.

Tracy Carter, Mortgage Broker

“I found that having the Qi Balancing analysis done was quite an interesting experience. I am by nature somewhat of a skeptic, so I didn’t know whether the analysis would be helpful or not. But I found that the whole process made sense to me as I went through it.

I noticed results almost immediately; my insomnia improved significantly and my energy level became much better. I thought my digestion was pretty good, but it improved. I actually felt better than I had in years. As time went on, I became more aware of how food was affecting my physical body as well as my emotions and it became easy to make the right dietary choices.

I would recommend Qi Balance to anyone, whether they are having problems or not. Knowing what to eat to promote the best health is worth a change of habit.”

Katie Huggins, Chemist

“Doctors tend to prescribe different medications for every ailment but seldom go to the source of where the problem is coming from. Now that I’ve discovered what foods agree with my body and which ones do not, I feel like a totally different person.”

Christina Trimble, Psychotherapist

“I found myself struggling with digestive problems for months.  Using the information given me, I have changed my diet to include the foods that my body needs.  After 4 weeks I experienced normal digestive function again and continue to do so.”

Peter Santulli, Artist/Woodworker

“The main thing that I like about the diet is that I feel so much better.  I’m not so sluggish and have more energy.  The other plus is that I have lost weight without starving myself.”

Alice Miranda, Retired Teacher