All About Sasang Medicine

Still haven’t heard of Sasang Medicine? There’s a tremendous amount of clinical data, published in scientific journals, coming out of Korea about Sasang Medicine. This is the predominant medicine used in Korea and the government has been providing grants for these studies for quite some time now.

However, most of this information is not seen outside Korea and Sasang is relatively unknown in the West. What’s really surprising is that the NIH has published and conducted quite a number of clinical studies here in the West. But even those involved in Asian medicine in the United States know very little about Sasang.

Although Sasang has been well documented, what is relatively new is that Qi Balance has been using a diagnostic system of Chinese Astrology (Bazi) for determining Sasang constitution. Most Sasang practitioners are unaware of how the Bazi can be employed in diagnosis. And up until now there have been no clinical studies on this whatsoever.

But now we have a study, albeit a small one, where the Bazi was the only instrument used to determine Sasang constitution. In addition, a small dietary test has shown that it can be accurate and that a personalized diet is likely to be beneficial to the health and well-being of patients. This link leads to a podcast I did with Charles Fleck, DSOM discussing his research design and the symptom changes from this preliminary study. Hopefully, it will spark an interest in using this method and in conducting more extensive studies. Check it out HERE.

sasang-constitutional-medicine video