Restore Your Health With Sasang Diagnosis

Restore your health by using food and other natural cures to balance your inborn strengths and weaknesses.

We focus on treating the cause of your symptoms. When the underlying cause is healed, the symptoms will disappear including the resolution of many long-standing health problems. The following is a list of some, but not all, common symptoms that have been alleviated or improved by implementing nutritional and lifestyle changes designed for your exact energetic makeup.

High Cholesterol
Excess Perspiration
Rashes & Skin Irritation
Hay Fever & Allergies
Stomach Upset
Dry Skin
Chronic Infections
Infantile Seizures
High Blood Pressure
Menstruation Problems
Hot Flashes
Heart Palpitations
Unusual Hair Loss

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Restore Vitality

Restore Vitality

Restore your energy, stamina and resilience.

In addition to the healing of symptoms and many long standing health problems there is an overall improvement in well-being that people experience including increased energy and stamina, greater resistance to disease, mental clarity, and an overall sense of peace and greater happiness.

The guidelines are clear and provide you with the tools to manage your health. You know which foods are beneficial and will strengthen your weaknesses. You’ll also learn which specific foods are harmful to your body and why they tend to damage your health.  The recommendations are designed to be followed for your entire life so that you remain healthy, vital and enjoying life for as long as possible.

What You Will Receive:

  • A detailed explanation of how this program will work for you and why you have been dealing with your particular health issues.
  • Exercise recommendations that are based on your constitution to improve circulation, increase stamina, and resolve many emotional issues.
  • One month of support via email to address your questions, clarify the instructions and provide ideas and support for adopting a new lifestyle.

“You too can have the kind of results that my clients have had by learning exactly what it is you need to balance your constitution and to live a happy, healthy life, full of energy and vitality.”

Detailed Diagnosis

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Restore Your Relationship:

Besides the physical information, there is also personality, temperament and energetic information in the Chinese Birth Chart. If you are considering marriage, or other types of partnership, or if you are having challenges in a particular close relationship, a compatibility assessment between two Chinese Natal Charts can be very helpful. It can assess your areas of challenge and ease. In addition to helping you understand each other, it can offer insights into how to make your relationship work better for both of you.

To order this, at least one of you should have done a complete Sasang Analysis of your birth chart.

The compatibility assessment will show you how your energies interact, describe your partner’s personality characteristics and help you understand your partner to reduce conflict.

What You Will Receive:

  • Chinese Birth Chart for each person
  • An assessment of compatibilities and incompatibilities
  • Documentation and suggestions for working through challenges productively

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Eating should be a joyful experience and promote good health. The choice of what you eat matters. Food goes to the core of your energy and has direct impact on your well being. Food indeed is medicine.

Cool Food was written for those of you who have discovered that you cannot eat foods that create heat and dryness in your body. When you first hear that you should avoid onions, garlic, peppers, sugar, chicken, turkey and other common foods you wonder what you can eat. This cookbook contains over 300 recipes. Some dishes are old favorites adapted to avoid warming foods while others are variations on exotic flavors from foreign lands.

I hope that Cool Food will provide you with many new dishes to try as well as inspire you to create wonderful recipes of your own. I wish you vibrant health, fun in the kitchen and joyful eating.

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Cool Food Recipes