While any form of exercise is better than sitting all day, the type of exercise you do does matter.  And the more vigorous the exercise the more it matters.  Generally gentle, full body exercise, like walking is okay for almost anyone, especially if you add hiking poles.  But once you increase the intensity to running, this becomes an exercise mainly for the lower body and is not good for everyone.


Jim Fixx, the father of the fitness revolution, is a prime example of someone doing the wrong exercise at the wrong intensity.  He started running without changing his diet and without regard to whether running was the right exercise for him.  Running was the main activity of his life.  He appeared amazingly fit for his age with great muscle tone, especially in his legs.  But at 52 he came home from a run, had a heart attack and died.

Since Jim Fixx’s birth information is public I constructed his Chinese Natal Chart.  He was of the So-eum (lesser yin) constitution and should not have been doing exercise focused on the lower body.  This caused his energy to circulate unevenly so that his upper body was not getting the energy it needed.  Plus, he was missing fire, which indicated that his heart was weak.  He would have been much better off with a change in diet and exercise for his upper body like swimming or kayaking.  He also would have been healthier exercising at a lower intensity.



People of the So-yang (lesser yang) constitution tend to have heat and energy that rises up into the upper torso, head and arms.  They are often attracted to upper body exercise, because it’s easy for them.  But they should focus their exercise on the lower body.  It not only circulates their physical energy better but helps them feel calmer.  Running is good for them and biking is the best form of lower body exercise.





If you are into competitive bike racing, running marathons or kayaking through the Grand Canyon, it’s really important to know that you are doing the right kind of exercise for your Sasang Constitutional type as well as for your inherent stamina and resilience.

Here’s another full body exercise that’s good for almost everyone, Tai Chi or Qi Gong  However, there are some martial arts that would be too intense for some people.

Disclaimer:  The information in this blog is intended to show an example of the benefits of Sasang Constitutional Medicine and should not be used in the absence of a diagnosis.  The remedy for one constitution is often completely wrong for another constitution.

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to be a substitute for personal, professional, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.