Winter Squashes are Now Considered Neutral

That piece of news got me started investigating winter squashes. I already knew and loved pumpkin, butternut, acorn, and spaghetti squashes but I discovered something new and it’s now my absolute favorite squash.

It’s the Delicata squash (the striped ones in the middle). This little gem is sweet and so tender that you can eat the skin when it’s roasted. Delicata squash is attractive too, sporting both red and green stripes. I always thought it was one of those decorative gourds that you find in the big bin once fall produce starts appearing in the markets. I’d used them as seasonal accents in my acupuncture office but never knew they were edible.

Here are two simple recipes, so simple in fact, I’d hardly call them recipes. Of course you can increase the amounts if you’re feeding a crowd or eating them as the main course. They’re perfect for a cold, rainy day like today.

I hope you can find them where you live.

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